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The effects of alcohol on a person depend on the amount consumed and personal tolerance. Some studies show that a small amount of certain kinds of alcohol (namely red wine) may have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system, but even a few drinks can nullify your hard work by erasing the effects of your workouts, reducing your endurance, and compromising your mental fortitude.

In fact, alcohol consumption interferes with muscle recovery and regeneration after training. Specifically, rates of myofibrillar protein synthesis were impaired when large amounts of alcohol was consumed within eight hours of the exercise bout, particularly when exerciser didn’t consume any protein. Experts also dished out that the added alcohol impaired the individual’s ability to follow an appropriate recovery protocol following workouts. In addition, the study found that even adequate protein after a workout could not overcome the negative impact of alcohol on MPS.

We approached fitness professionals and experts to give the lowdown on whether a small quantity of alcohol can affect sporting and exercise efforts. It has no meaning whether you’re a casual exerciser, or compete in many matches or events, anyone who cares about sport or keeping fit needs to understand the effects alcohol on their performance.

Effects Of Alcohol On Fitness

Overall, alcohol is harmful to sports performance due to its effects on the body during exercise. This occurs in two main ways.

  • Firstly, due to the fact that alcohol is a diuretic, taking too much of it can lead to dehydration. This is because the alcohol forces the kidney produce more urine. Exercising after drinking alcohol can make this dehydration worse because as your body temperature rise, you sweat. You have to be hydrated when during exercise to keep up steady flow of blood throughout the body, which is essential for the distribution oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
  • Secondly, alcohol connects with the way the body creates energy. During metabolism or the process of breaking down alcohol, the liver cannot produce much glucose, which means the body have low levels of blood sugar. Exercise requires high levels of sugar to produce energy. If the liver isn’t producing enough glucose, your performance will be affected adversely.

If the body is forced to run from your supplies of fat and not blood sugar, the body will be slow and have less strength and won’t be able to exercise as intensely. As a result, your coordination, dexterity, concentration could be affected too. Both of these effects are immediate which is why it’s not a good thing to exercise or compete in sport almost after drinking alcohol.

Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

Slower Recovery

Hard workout drains the glycogen stores (carbs stored in the liver and muscles) and leave the muscle tissue in a dilapidated state. High levels of alcohol displace the carbs, leaving the stores 50 percent lower than its normal state even eight hours later.

It also breaks down amino acids and stores them as fat. For some reasons, this process is most pronounced in the thighs and glutes. Excessive alcohol intake really chews up muscle in the stated areas. It also increases the levels of cortisol (a stress hormone), which further encourages fat storage, particularly in the of the body.

Disrupted Sleep

Alcohol intake blows the muscle recovery and performance by sapping the sleep. In a study of 93 men and women, researchers discovered that alcohol decreased sleep duration and increased wakefulness (particularly in the second half of the night), mostly in women whose sleep time was decreased by more than 30 minutes over the night. Disrupting the sleep cycle can cut the human growth hormone output which builds the muscle by as much as 70 percent.

Depleted Water And Nutrients

Alcohol irritates the linings of the stomach which can reduce the capacity to absorb nutrients. Not to mention that alcohol makes you pee, for every gram of ethanol you take, you take out 10 millilitres of urine (that’s about 9.5 ounces for two beers). As little as 2% dehydration hurts endurance performance. And by the way, you can’t rehydrate with a dehydrating drink such as beer.

Empty Calories

Alcohol is empty in calories. It doesn’t contain any nutrients but does have a caloric value of 7 calories per gram. The high calorie content of alcohol will not only have a negative effect on your total calorie intake, but it will also slows down metabolism by interrupting the Krebs’ cycle. Once the Krebs’ cycle is faulty, fats cannot be broken down. In short, the body will struggle so hard to digest and metabolize the alcohol, that fat burning stops all together.


Alcohol consumption is also responsible for poor muscle growth. This is not only due to hangovers lowering workout intensity, but it also lowers protein synthesis too by 20%. There are several reasons behind this. Firstly, it dehydrate the muscle cells. Over hydrated and hydrated muscles give rooms for anabolic environment. Because the cells aren’t holding much of water, it becomes much difficult to build muscle.

Secondly, it obstructs the absorption of many important nutrients that are vital to muscle contraction, relaxation and growth including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium.

Lowers Testosterone Levels

One thing unusual about the drop in testosterone levels while drinking is that most guys get really horny. Because alcohol lowers testosterone levels so much, the body system struggles to fix them back to normal by releasing very large quantities of LH.

Five Helpful Tips

Below are some simple tips on how to keep as much muscle even when under the influence of alcohol.

Bedside Water

Ensure at least 2 liters of water is with you for drinking in the night. Not only will this prevent a hangover, but it will also help in hydrating the muscles.


Ensure to consume something dense in protein before climbing into bed as well (if you can still stand). This will help curb and control the catabolism occurring inside the body system, not to mention you need protein all the time and always.

ZMA And Glutamine

Forty five minutes to an hour before breakfast, have a serving of ZMA and 5-10 grams of glutamine. The ZMA will naturally raise the testosterone levels of the body that were lowered from your night of drinking, and the glutamine will help stop or reduce catabolism.

Big Breakfast

Eat plenty of food that are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron for breakfast. Your body needs these key nutrients since the alcohol diminished them the previous night.


Alcohol is fun, i mean real fun. It makes fat girls looks attractive, gets ugly guys laid, gives the shy kid confidence to stand up and make a fool of himself. Unfortunately, it also reduces testosterone among all the other negative effects discussed earlier in this article. That doesn’t stops you from having fun, don’t be afraid to go out and have a good time and enjoy yourself. Go out, drink a little and have a perfect time, just make sure it is in moderation.

Even as a workout devotee, you still need to adhere to your diet plan to be able to drop the weight you want. There are many different plans and diets to pick from. All are guaranteeing results and each have an alternative theory requiring several types of foods. Yet, most of them agree that a few set of foods should be avoided in order to lose weight.

Thеѕе class of foods could reverse the outcome expected from an effective weight loss strategy to a negative one. These top five foods listed below are guaranteed to ruin your workout:

1. Doughnuts


Doughnuts are fried dough and full of sugar, white flour and trans-fat. A normal doughnut weighs in at 300 calories and includes few other nutrients besides the 19 grams of fat. Unfortunately, supermarkets are overflowing with these high-calorie, low-nutritional tasty varieties. Avoid them at all costs.

2. Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Keep in mind that fried chicken is cooked in heated oils notably, partially hydrogenated oil. Although, it practically sounds unpatriotic to criticize this popular dish. These trans-fats delicacies are known to cause cancer, weight gain and other serious health hazards when consumed frequently. Fried chicken, whether served whole or in its nugget variety are unhealthy foods. For example, in case you purchase a ten piece chicken nugget from any fast food restaurant that is popular you’re getting about 500 calories, 300 grams of fat and generally over 1000 milligrams of sodium. There is no quicker way to super-size yourself to consume fried chicken on a regular basis.

3. Sugary Cereals

cereal bar

Sugar is one of the enemies of successful dieting. Sugary cereals, especially any cereal where a sugar substitute or sugar is the main ingredient are unhealthy. Ingredients and terms to watch out for are “sweetened” or “dyed.” Many children’s cereals so quite highly processed and have almost zero nutritional value. A terrific option is served with honey or agave syrup. In case you purchase prepackaged oatmeal, assess the label and see simply how much sugar it contains – you’ll be shocked. Any cereal where sugar is listed as the first ingredient on the carton should immediately be shelved. It is a much more healthy solution to buy grain cereal that is real and sweeten them with fresh fruit like strawberries or blueberries.

4. Processed Meats

processed meats

One of the fastest approaches to knowing a healthy meat source is to do a simple Google search on what is thought of as a meat that is processed. Nearly all processed meats have sodium nitrite. The evidence is staggering, as attested by a recent study demonstrating a 67% increase in pancreatic cancer for individuals have average amounts of processed meat often. Traditional medicine considers this is on account of the high saturated fat content in the meat that is processed. Nonetheless research is mounting that it is not the saturated fats but what’s really in those fats that is toxic and dangerous to your wellbeing. Nutrition and wellness researchers claim that hazardous substances, heavy metals and environmental pollutants that are found inside those molecules that are fat.

5. Low-Fat Yogurt


The much popular low fat yogurt isn’t that beneficial because its assortments have been proven to be unhealthy. It is best to choose Greek yogurt, which has higher protein content and reduced sugar level that doesn’t affect the blood glucose levels to a terrific extent.

Additionally, Greek yogurt includes many valuable probiotics as it’s packed with natural and calcium bacterial cultures. It is a clever alternative for individuals who believe that a low-carbohydrate diet would create a weight loss program that is successful.


When you are trying to lose weight, you should look to restrict the total amount of sodium and fat that you have in your daily diet. This implies that you ought to try to stay away from red meats which are high in fat, and you also should also attempt to avoid foods which contain a high portion of oils. Be sure you are trying to get a sufficient quantity of daily calories, when planning your diet. It doesn’t do you any good to starve your body as it’ll typically cause more overall weight gain. When planning your daily calorie consumption, girls should try to get at least 1200 calories and men should strive to have 1600 calories.

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