1. Squat to Shoulder “Y” Raise
2. Curtsy Lunge with Shoulder Raise
3. Spider Plank with 1 Second Knee Hold
4. Plank Medical Ball Transfer
5. Leg Bridge with Incline Press
6. Hanging Side Knee Raises

All exercises performed for 1 minute, no rest in between. Repeat circuit 5 times, 2 minute rest in between circuits.

– Lateral Walking Push Ups (2 mins)
– Diamond Push Ups (2 mins)
– Tricep Dips with Leg Raise (2 mins)
– Alternating Single Leg Raises (2 mins)

30-second rest in between exercises performed in the same circuit. Rest for 2 minutes after completing a full circuit, then start over.

Warm-Up BodyWeight Squats (1 minute)
Sumo Squats (2 minutes)
Big Step Forward Lunges (2 minutes)
TRX Single Leg Squats (2 minutes – each leg)
Alternating Fast Feet + Lateral Bench Jumps (2 minutes)
Front Bench Jumps + Knee Drop to Floor (2 minutes)

Elevated Side Mountain Climbers (2 minutes)

Repeat whole circuit 1 more time after resting for 2/3 minutes

Parallel Bar Pushups X15
Dip Stand Leg Raises X15
Reverse Grip Inverted Row X15
Dips X15
Toes To Bar X15
High Box Jump X15
Reverse Grip Pull Up X15
+ Hanging Leg Raises X15
Mountain Climber Pushups X15

Move from one exercise to the next one without rest. Repeat circuit 3 times after resting for 2/3 minutes in between circuits.