For long, people have believed in the indomitable spirit of the mind; however, few have come close to measuring it in empirical terms. Along with the common demands of weight loss, dietary modification and physical exercises comes a few questions. Do we need to do some mental training for weight loss? Is it worth the effort, and how do we know?

Think again, in the event that you believe physical exercise is all that there’s to training. There’s another side to the effect of exercising and that is that it coordinates certain muscles, learning to move just as prescribed by the particular sport’s rules etc.

The role the mind plays in body performance cannot be understated and while it remains a subjective discourse as to how you can enhance mental strength to improve performance, we will drop a gem or two on how to get it right mentally.

How tо train mentally

  • Emulate the precise moves you’re supposed to practice and you have to mentally mirror those routines. Then simply replicate these in the mind over and over, since you already have vivid pictures of the things you have to do – you will only become better and better at what you seem to be already good at. You need to view them again and again until you have mastered the routine on your own. In the event that you intend to master from the experts in the field. That’s best done by watching videos.
  • Learn to manage anxiety and your emotions. Remind yourself why you are doing this. Feed your mind with positive images and outstanding results
  • Make sure the person you are using as a guide is performing the moves right, it is possible to tell – you do not need to learn any moves that are substandard at best. Mental training is all about training alongside with the people who will feed you with the right form of energy.
  • Identify the most complicated and crucial moves and look at these repeatedly (loop over that section of the video over and over again). Since your entire moves are subconscious, you do not constantly have to look at them actively and using a fixed gaze! Rather, just let a particular motion play again and again while you’re doing the dishes, reading, doing some repairs or so. It will be enough if you view from one side of your eyes! Your eyes have a kind of peripheral vision, sideways till they start to vanish and as you’ll be able to check: look straight ahead, move your fingers sideways and outwards. You will discover your eyes can see your fingers from a certain angle
  • Play the videos in full, especially your favorite scenes. Play it repeatedly, so when you can do a move or two, e.g. if you ride a bus or whenever you find time in between shifts, then mentally rehearse these scenes, now visualizing yourself in them, as if YOU were the one who did those moves.
  • Keep a log or diary of specific measures that pertain to your own particular sport that describe your improvement (e.g. height jumped, time ran etc.) in the discipline you practice and compare your results over time. Try to get hold of a normal video of another vital set of motions, when you feel that you’ve got done enough in one single field and do the same. Every couple weeks or months, review the old content as well, and if you’re able to get someone to film you doing these movements from preferably the very same angles that your former role models where revealed from, then you certainly can even compare the way you determine. Try to get a second opinion also.



Individuals are getting more aware of the importance of fitness and exercise. Whether indoors or outside, you will always see people working out to get and keep healthy. Outdoor exercises are particularly good to boost your overall well-being and revel in life in the same time! With outdoor exercises, you don’t need expensive gym subscriptions or personal trainers. Here are some outdoor exercises you can practice on the plain field

  1. Lunges

    A fantastic outside exercise, it is an effective approach when it comes to working on your bottom and hamstrings. Lunges come in different forms. This can be the fundamental drop-knee style. Lower your back towards the floor and flex your knees, ensuring your heel is flat to the ground and your knees are directly within the center of your feet. Simply repeat in a flowing motion.

  2. Pushups

    Ideal for your upper body, pushups also have many varieties, including regular, broad, and close grips. They’re a perfect outdoor exercise, and you will work more muscle groups and get a much better result if you rotate the three moves. Lower your body until your nose touches the ground after which return to your starting position with a quick up press. Repeat as many times as you can without over stressing.

  3. Squats

    Squats are quite simple to do for outdoor exercise, if they’re done the proper manner, squats have a great effect. Squats also have many variations – standing, one leg, wide-stance, pile, and overhead. You will sense your legs becoming tired as you repeat the routine, this is an excellent thing. It means you are doing it right. They’re ideal for developing your hips, buttocks, and thighs. Stand evenly with your feet. Keep your back straight and your stomach.


Nothing can be done without the control of the mind. Make sure you are in a superb mental state every time to achieve optimal performance. Seek like-minded individuals that value personal training to improve your motivation. While you are at this, remember that outdoor activities can provide about the same result as going to the gym. Go to a plain field with a partner or two, absorb the natural scenery, have fun and improve your fitness levels. It could be body weight oriented exercises, just make sure you have a go at it for as long as your mind and body is willing to carry you.

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