man doing body weight workout routing

Don’t think you can build mass with bodyweight training exercises only?! OF COURSE you can.

Follow this routine and go directly from the power movement right into the 2nd movement with little to no rest. Do anywhere from 3-5 sets with 60-90 secs between sets. QUALITY reps!!!

Lower Body Bodyweight Training

  • A1: Squat Jump 6-10X
  • A2: Pause Squats X20 (pause at the bottom)
  • B1: Lunge Jumps 5-8X/leg
  • B2: Step Ups 10X/leg
  • C1: Broad Jumps 5-10X
  • C2: Single Leg RDL 15X/leg

Upper Body Bodyweight Training

  • A1: Plyo Pushups 5-10X
  • A2: Strict Dips until Failure
  • B1: Chest to Bar Pullup 5X
  • B2: Strict Pullup until Failure
  • C1: Explosive Recline Row 5-10X
  • C2: Feet Elevated Recline Row Max Rep



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