The Oscars, Hollywood’s most glamorous night, concluded the 2017 Awards season this past weekend. In addition to beautiful dresses, expensive jewelry, impeccable hair and make up styles, celebs are also known for flaunting their dedication to exercise and toned bodies to look their best while posing for the paparazzi on the biggest night in town for movies. Very often celebrities are responsible for driving new fitness trends to success and also popular demand, having fans buzzing and wanting to try a celebrity-endorsed workout hoping to achieve similar body goals and look.

New workouts and innovative fitness trends are great since they can restore and spike up motivation and excitement to either try some new fitness equipment or experience a new facility, or both. However, in my opinion, nothing beats a brand new workout that is tailored to your body needs and that revolves around a routine that works for YOU. My experience as a fitness trainer led me to be a firm believer in the Number 1 rule of fitness: no matter how big or small your goal is, you should always listen to your BODY! Some suggestions made by a celebrity on how she got a toned upper back or tighter waistline with a body fat reduction might now work for everybody. Fitness never has and never will fit a ONE SIZE FITS ALL type of approach… It’s about building a personalized experience after a trial-and-error phase.

After months of training, mostly female clients in this case, I noticed that this type of dynamic workout, incorporating plyometric movements with bodyweight exercises and also light dumbbells, tends to produce the best results in clients who consistently get exposed to this routine and push themselves, therefore noticing improvements weekly.

Here it is:

Perform each exercise for 1 minute, resting for 10 seconds in between exercises
Do 5 rounds (5 circuits total) with 2-minute rest in between circuits

1) Goblet Dumbbell Drop Squat
2) Backward Lunge with Single Arm Shoulder Press and Weight Transfer
3) Blast Off Push Up
4) V-Shape Body Hold with Dumbbell
5) Low Side Squat Switches with Dumbbell Shoulder Push Outs
6) Bent Over Dumbbell Row to Front Shoulder Raise to Lateral Raise
7) Side Plank Lateral Arm Raise with 1 sec Knee Hold

For a full tutorial with audio and visual aids, check out my Full Body Runway Ready Workout video when it launches here on my website and on my YouTube channel Scorpio Liberates this month!

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