man doing push up circuit

This post was mainly inspired by friendship… whether it’s a gym buddy, fitness pal, partner, colleague, childhood friend, etc…it doesn’t really matter because in the end this universal rule applies to everybody:

You gotta love yourself first and a few worthy others the same way Alfred Pennyworth looks out for and cares for his beloved Bruce Wayne’s safety and future (I’ve always been a Batman fan because of the degree of darkness and deepness to which he’s able to descent and still come out on top).

Finding true friends is hard, yes we agree…but when you do, and you will if you chase greatness and become the person you are designed to be, they become something more than just friends.

They relentlessly and consistently act as protectors, they are able to see the world from you point of view, they understand you, appreciate and offer constructive criticism…they just get you and will always have your back, no matter what…and if you are mentally strong enough to recognize that and also embrace and welcome such beautiful gift presented to you into your life, you will forever have a bond that’s more powerful than 1000 @eddie_hall_strong ready to deadlift pounds over pounds of iron.

On that note… here’s a push-up circuit workout for you to try with your workout buddy!

  1. 25 decline swiss ball push ups
  2. 25 incline push ups (can use a chair or similar)
  3. 25 spiderman push ups
  4. 25 diamond push ups

30 sec rest in between exercises. Complete the whole circuit 3 times

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