This is my first blog entry!!!

Many perspective clients have asked me about my bootcamp classes and their format so I decided to put together a small explanatory video and demo some of the exercises included in this routine myself. Here are some examples:

 – Roped in barbell back squats
– 45 lb weighted roman chair sit-ups
– Diamond grip push up with 20 lb ball box jump
– 105 lb Kettlebell Farmer Walk
– Decline push-ups with handles

A big thank you to the amazing @juliandavis07 for delivering those hits and pushing me as instructed, @cariebradshaw for the support and being a badass fitness girl, and Equinox (Beverly Hills, CA)

—When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, pain becomes irrelevant…make it your ally and let it push you to the next level—-

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